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Voice Control

January 8, 2019 /

As technology continues to advance, we have created our tech gadgets to be increasingly user-friendly. Nowadays, we can use voice control to ask our smartphones to check the weather, our schedules, and missed calls, but now we can utilize voice control to interact with our own homes. This marks an unprecedented lifestyle of seamless operations: turn your lights off with a few words as you walk…


5 Bright Ideas to use Lighting Control

12.14.2018 / Lighting Control

When you become the owner of a lighting control system, you gain total control of the lights in your home. Choose specific light sets and their intensity through an easy-to-use centralized system, and stretch your imagination in the limitless ways to brighten your house. Here are a few ways to control your lighting system.

Safe and Sound
A lighting control…


Designing Your Home Theater

November 12, 2018 / Home Theater

Today, you can find home entertainment through a variety of screens and devices. Whether you’re streaming Netflix on your laptop, enjoying a movie in the media room on your 4K TV, or catching the game on your phone, access to entertainment has never been easier with endless options.

We’re undoubtedly living the future, and that means you can aim for an even more immersive…

Blog - October 10 2018

7 Perks Of Automating your Home for Daily Living

October 10, 2018 / Home Automation

Sometimes life gets a little chaotic in the battle to balance workflow with family time. But through home automation, you can streamline life a little and spend more time enjoying your home with your family while increasing your security and maximizing your time.

Home automation allows you to integrate technology into your house to control everyday tasks like heat, light, and sound.…