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Designing Your Home Theater

November 12, 2018 / Home Theater

Today, you can find home entertainment through a variety of screens and devices. Whether you’re streaming Netflix on your laptop, enjoying a movie in the media room on your 4K TV, or catching the game on your phone, access to entertainment has never been easier with endless options.

We’re undoubtedly living the future, and that means you can aim for an even more immersive entertainment experience. Imagine feeling like you’re in the front row of your favorite football team’s big game, or that you’re one of the characters in the newest thriller with stellar surround-sound and crisp visuals.

With a home theater, this is easily achievable. Luckily, anyone can have their own home theater, whether you’re constructing a million-dollar room or transforming an existing room on a modest budget. The result? A memorable movie night every single time.

Here are 7 steps to guide you through the creation of your new home theater.


Step 1 – Map out Your Idea

Write down and draw out your vision of your ideal media room. Consider the size of your budget and all the pros and cons of each feature to get you started. While you could pull it off by yourself, it’s advisable to partner with an AV expert like LuxeHome Theater for the smoothest and quickest process. If you plan to build it from scratch, you have to plan with the builder from the start. If you prefer to remodel a spare room, think about the structural adjustments you may need before getting started. Which leads to the next step…

Step 2 – Centralize Your Wiring

You should see all the action and none of the wires in your new home theater. A proper installation should also bring all the wires together in a single centralized location to smoothly integrate all your new features, like speakers, lights, and screen. For you, this means a clean design that’s easy to maintain and an increased value on your home for the next lucky owner.


Step 3 – Select Your Screen

A vital part of state-of-the-art home theater is owning a high-resolution screen to get the feeling of a real movie theater. New 4K flat screens provide an unparalleled image that takes you right to the game, battlefield, performance, or whatever it is you're watching. Consider the television’s placement in conjunction with possible windows that could cast a glare, and make sure you pick a size that provides an immersive but not overwhelming picture at a comfortable distance from your couch.


Step 4 – Choose Your Couch

For your home theater, you want seating that allows you to comfortably snuggle up for romance flicks or be on the edge for nail-biting thrillers. Here you can easily surpass the movie theaters’ stiff recliners with a comfortable sofa that can fit the whole family to individual leather seats with sizable cup holders. If you desire, you can even have a 4D experience with seats that vibrate along to the movie. The options are truly endless; you’ll find the perfect seating to fit your budget.


Step 5 – Pick Your Acoustics and Speakers

Another essential aspect of your new home cinema is the audio. The size of your room directly correlates with the power of your sound system: more volume for bigger rooms. Don't forget receiver/amplifier equipment that matches your speakers' power or the acoustics of your home theater. For the best sound quality, cover at least half or your room in absorption material. This is easily done no matter your budget; acoustic panels are ideal but carpet works as a great substitute.


Step 6 – Personalize Your Décor
Creating your own home theater shouldn’t be a chore. You get to add personal touches that truly make it a one-of-a-kind room. Design the room to resemble a 1920’s speakeasy with Art Deco features, or pay homage to all the great Sci-Fi flicks with Star Wars and Mad Max memorabilia. Whether you want to incorporate custom countertops for a bar in one corner, shelves for figurines, or a funky carpet, the choice is yours! But remember to keep the decorations from interfering with the functionality of the theater.


Step 7 - Program Your Media Controls

The lure of the local cinema is that it requires no work on your part: you just sit down and watch. There's rarely the technical difficulties that sometimes accompany the old experience of watching movies at home. But nowadays, you can get a movie started seamlessly with a few taps from your remote. A well-designed home theater has automated controls that rely on the centralized wiring systems mentioned earlier, meaning all you need to do is select the "Movie" setting for an ideal audio-video sequence and the perfect lighting. Even the oldest and youngest members of your family will be able to get movie night started!

A well-designed home theater is an experience that truly brings family and friends together. If you’re considering adding one to your home, the team of professionals at LuxeHome Theater are here to help you create a custom media room.

Contact us today to get started on your new dream home theater!