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Voice Control

January 8, 2019 /

As technology continues to advance, we have created our tech gadgets to be increasingly user-friendly. Nowadays, we can use voice control to ask our smartphones to check the weather, our schedules, and missed calls, but now we can utilize voice control to interact with our own homes. This marks an unprecedented lifestyle of seamless operations: turn your lights off with a few words as you walk out the door. Open or shut the blinds without leaving your sofa. Request to skip a song as often as you like. These are all simple voice commands, and your imagination is the limit when seeing what your home can do for you. Voice control is an excellent addition to any home, whether your child is too short to reach the bathroom light, or your grandmother can’t figure out your thermostat to change the temperature. However, voice control doesn't overrule other inputs, so you'll still be able to use remotes, phones, or switches as normally. We install our voice control systems throughout your house so you can command any function of your home from anywhere you are. Welcome to the future with Voice Control with LuxeHome Theater.

Voice Controlled Lighting Systems

With Voice Control in your home, it’s time to see things in a brand new light. Voice control doesn’t just provide entertainment, it also assists you in operating your home’s practical daily functions. With a simple request, you can dim the lights and close the blinds without ever getting up from the sofa. Turn off the front porch lights as you climb into bed. Program a few settings so you can switch the lighting mood in the living room to ‘party' and the dining room to ‘romantic' within seconds. All of these tasks, while simple enough, become even easier so you can spend more time relaxing and less time hassling with controls. Voice Control helps make life a little bit easier; anyone can control the lights, whether your arms are full of groceries, your son is in a cast, or your daughter is too short to reach the switch. However, voice control doesn't override other inputs, so if you need to control the lights with a remote or your phone, that lights will seamlessly react as normal. We install voice control throughout your house so you can control any lighting from anywhere in your home! Never come home to a dark home again with LuxeHome Theater voice-controlled lighting systems!

Voice Controlled Sound Systems

Voice Control is becoming an increasingly popular choice for homeowners across the nation as our interactions with our home systems begin to evolve. With Voice Control, you can adjust your home’s functions to operate exactly as you please, giving you more time to relax. Command your sound system to play a song in the kitchen; even when you want to turn up the volume, your system remains attuned to voice commands to turn it down or play audio in an additional or different room. We design and install sound systems that provide outstanding audio quality through speakers in your ceiling, hidden in the walls, or wherever you would like. You can even control your television with voice command, whether you’re turning it on and off, or adjusting the volume. Program a few settings for a certain scene, whether you want a ‘Dinner’ setting to play light background music in a handful of rooms, or you’re hosting a lively and loud ‘Dance Party’ on your back patio. Set the perfect mood whether you're aiming for romantic or relaxed; only your imagination is the limit. Furthermore, Voice Control doesn't override other inputs if you prefer to use a remote or phone to control your sound. We install voice control systems throughout your house so you can command your home's audio from anywhere. Start enjoying a music-filled home with LuxeHome Theater voice-controlled sound systems today!