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At LuxeHome Theaters we are Authorized Directv Dealers.  We can set up new accounts and upgrade existing equipment.


New Construction Prewire

If you are building a home or doing a renovation project there’s no better time to pre-wire and future proof your home.  At LuxeHome Theater we will pull the right wire to the right location. It saves time and money to set the infrastructure up when the walls are open.


Security Cameras

At LuxeHome Theaters we understand the importance of protecting loved ones and personal items.  We install best in class camera systems that will allow you to monitor your property from anywhere around the world via iPhone, Android, or tablet.



The network is the road that every device travels on. At LuxeHome Theater our trained specialists can address your specific need. We will take the time to design a system that works for you. Let us help you optimize your network for maximum performance.